Monday, March 31, 2008

Announcing our Winter Retreat!

Scrapbooking Retreat
Winter Round-Up!
Round up all your stuff & a friend for our bi-annual scrapbooking retreat. Begin or finish your Christmas crafts and Holiday cards, or just come for a weekend get-away to focus on scrapbooking- either way, fun will be had by all!
Classes available! More information to come.
Limited space!
Date: November 14th, 12pm till November 15th, 7pm
Place: Three Mountain Lodge
Price: $85 (e-mail for a break-up of expenses)
Includes: lodging, food, access to our stamps & tools, a goodie bag, & special surprises!
Add-ons: $20 for an upgraded room, $20 for an extra night
Classes: to be announced
T-Shirt Available!
Dead-lines: VIPs by August 14th with $45 non-refundable deposit
Open Registration August 15th with $45 non-refundable deposit
Remaining funds due: October 14th
Class & Order Funds due: November 1st
Cancelations: By November 1st with a refund, afterwards- no refund (includes deposit, class fund, etc...)


Heather said...

Sign me up! I am ready to go now!

When will you start taking money?

YEA for Winter Round Up!



Sally said...

Guess what ! I will be here for retreat as Brian has to stay through & attend TSTC this fall! I am already creating a little stash for moolah right now to pay for everything!

Can't wait!


DNAgallows said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun and lots of pros! I would watch everyone and get tips to be productive at the next retreat or I will be a super copy-cat!


Amanda G

Mickie said...

All my bags are packed (Yeah, right!)
I'm ready to go (Let me out of here!)
Don't tell my family I'm coming.
Not leaving a forwarding address.
Don't want them to be able to find me.

I want the room upgrade and I will be arriving Friday afternoon, if I can get a weekend pass from the loony bin.