Thursday, October 2, 2008

Goodies and Gifts Class

This class is great for small and fast "goodies" you want to give friends, neighbors, teachers and family. These gifts are low in cost and quick to make!
For one of each gift, the class is $15. If you want more of something or don't want all 3 you can purchase each gift individually. Please specify when signing up for the class.
Note: This class will most likely be capped do to availability of some of the items.

Jingle all the Way large glass Candy Jar.
Candy Jars will have vinyl letters on the front with a jingle bell that says, "Jingle All the Way." Colors of vinyl to choose are real red, old live, and chocolate chip. They are SO CUTE! This gift alone is $8.

Goodie Bowl.

Goodie Bowl is $4 filled, or $3 empty.

Candle Gifts.
These candle gifts come with 2 choices.
1. Brown square ceramic base with citrus pomegranate candle.
2. Green square ceramic base with cream candle.
Cost for these gifts are $4 each.

These tags open into cards.

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