Thursday, October 1, 2009

Retreat Class: Fill 'er Up/ Minis, Multiples, & Treats- little stuff for all your peeps

The aim of this class to provide you with some starter gifts for all of the people that you give little gifts to for the holidays: office friends, neighbors, community workers, friends, etc... This class will include 5 projects. Each of the projects can be multiplied to fit your needs, although some supplies will be limited. The basic class will include 1 of each of these projects. The details are below.

Quick Glance:
Class: Fill 'Er Up
Price: TBA
Includes: 1 of each of the projects with the listed supplies
Limit: varies according to the project
Instructor: Lindsey

The Cookie Caper
This little bag is designed for cookies, although I'm sure you could put other things in there. Includes: everything is provided except the cookie.
Limit: Unlimited

The Scent of PineThis little bag is a mini coffee bag. You could put a sample of your favorite brew in there, OR something sweetly baked from the heart- whatever you want! I decided to make this one a little more masculine, but if you use the other side of the paper, it has a more feminine appeal.
Includes: everything you see, except your gift inside. Crape paper is available as well.
Limit: Unlimited

Merry Mug
Coffee Mugs are a great little gift for this chilly time of year. Feel free to bring your fillers to class and make the project complete. Some ideas include: hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, candies, candy canes.
Includes: the mug, tag, & ribbon. Crape paper is available as well.
Limit: At this point, I have 12 mugs, but I can get more if there is a need.

A Little Something
Inside this little decorative package is a small cello bag that could hold a myriad of treasures. For my sample, I put some hard candies with the crape paper. Candies or little supplies- whatever you can think of!
Includes: everything you see (except the candy), the cello bag, and crape paper
Limit: unlimited

Frosty Tote
I love this little guy & he's so fast and easy to make. I am hoping to find some orange crape paper to match his nose to go along with this project. It cannot hold super heavy items, but candy bars, little office supplies, gift certificates, would all be great!
Includes: tote, tag, ribbon, crape paper
Limit: 36

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