Monday, October 17, 2011

Class: Subway Art

All of the subway art will be put on white canvas.  This selection can be replicated exactly, the others can be customized according to your desires and will be 12x12.

Cost: $15 for 12x12 Customized Subway art
Includes: Everything needed to complete project (customized printed graphic, canvas, and adhesive) once you have submitted the pictures of your choice
Length of class: 10-15 minutes per frame
Comments: Will have a set time for the class but will also have written directions with pictures so you can do on your own time if desired.
Instructor: Lindsey & Leah

NOTE: I can customize for this for you as much as you are needing.  Please send me the pictures desired for the photo collage and any preferences.  Or send me the quote and look you want.  I will have you proof all of the work before I send it to the printers.  DEADLINE FOR THIS PROJECT IS NOVEMBER 5TH.

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