Monday, November 17, 2008

For the Spring Retreat, Three Mountain Retreat has raised their prices and will be charging for the use of their kitchen in the future. What are you willing/able to pay? Here is a rough break-down of our costs- is there something you could do without?
$60/person for lodging & use of the Texas room
$10/food + Chef expenses
$15 Coordinators Fee
$5-10 Goodie Bag
----->Potential total for the Spring $95


McHorse Fam said...

A bargain for under one hundred dollars!

Moore Fun Stories said...

Who isn't raising their prices? The goodie bag is fun, but I could do without.

Heather said...

Under $100 is fine with me

Anonymous said...

Everything is going up!!! I'm surprised about the extra charge to use the kitchen. We left it looking very clean. I would pay $100.00. The gooding bags are a nice extra, but we all could contribute to them.