Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girls Crafty Weekend: Lindsey's Projects: Take Two

Altered Clipboards, baby!
My second class is going to be making clipboards. I'll supply the clipboards, white paint, ModPodge, paper (for the front and back) and ribbon. You'll be on your own for embellishments. These would make fabulous teacher/office gifts. On mine here I bought those cool die-cut stickers and used them as embellishments. I'll have some little add-ons available AT retreat if you want them.
Price $5/clipboard (you might think you can do this cheaper on your own, but remember I'm supplying it all in one spot, and everything will be SU- which means good quality!!)
If you tell me what color scheme you would like to use, I can have all of your ribbon and paper ready ahead of time. :)

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